Our Mission

Our mission is to support black designers through the amplification of their work and connect them to new consumers and media opportunities. Here’s how we do it!

Product Placement

Black Designers are in demand! Within the past year celebrities, stylists, costume designers, and media personalities have looked to feature and wear Black Designers, through our database we have curated lists based on their needs and are able to connect them with designers across the U.S.

We are growing to be a place where fashion insiders can find designers to communicate and collaborate with.

Community Service Engagement

By leveraging designers coast to coast, we have been able to help several Black communities. Black Designer Database has donated 40 sewing machines and design materials to the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club. 300+ masks have been hand sewn and distributed to the NYC area with the partnership of Liberated People.


Black Designer Database is constantly sharing new opportunities to expand the brands of black designers. If its news regarding a business strategy, a new collection, or a new design tip; we want to share it!  By providing a monthly newsletter on the different happenings in the design community, from TV show castings, press opportunities to direct connections with Emmy & Oscar award-winning Costume Designers, designers are able to receive streamlined information on opportunities to grow their business.

If you would like to be a part of our growing community of Black Designers join our database!

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As a member you will:

  • Receive exclusive product placement opportunities for TV and Film.
  • Receive opportunities for press and TV castings.
  • Receive information on exclusive classes & conferences to expand and grow your brand.

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