Industry Professionals

We offer different services for industry professionals to connect. Our database is the ultimate resource for costume
designers, stylists, publicists, journalists, and on-air talent. Proceeds go toward site maintenance and operating

Concierge and Pull Services

Have an event or production, coming up? We offer assistance in finding black designers for your upcoming projects. Our
concierge service will curate a list of black designers based on your needs ready to work with you.

  • Curated Pull – $299   

    We provide a curated list of black designers specific to your project. We gather information on your upcoming
    project and send an interactive document that includes black designers who match your project. Best for all
    industry professionals.

  • Curated Pull and Concierge Support – $499

    You receive a curated list of black designers for your project and concierge support during pre-production.
    Concierge provides assistance contacting designers. Best for industry professionals who need extra support during

  • One Year of Curated Pulls and Concierge support $999

    You receive a curated list of black designers for the projects of your choice, in addition to concierge
    assistance. Best for industry professionals who needs extra support throughout the year.

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Full Database Access

  • One Year Full Database Access+ curated pull – $999

    This service allows you one year full access to our database of over 300+ black designers. Search designers
    by category, location, and business type; while having access to select contact info and brands’ pictures.
    In addition, you will get a curated pull of a project of your choice 

  • 6 Month Database Access $699

    6-month access to our database

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